Empowering Africans through Tech

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Our Talents Work With Many of these Leading Tech Companies

Our Story

A few individual ideas evolved into a successful tech company known as AITI. It all began as an e-university, a platform aimed at equipping African youths with relevant tech skills to help Africans compete globally. However, as the founders traveled extensively across the world, especially in Africa, they witnessed first-hand the tremendous demand for technology knowledge that could be applicable for today and future work. With this realization, the founders knew that they had to make the dream bigger and scale up their work. They collaborated with other like-minded individuals, and together, they transformed the original idea into the reality that is now AITI.

Best in our field


Our instructors are highly-skilled and have both theoretical and practical experience in their respective fields. They have a wealth of experience working with top firms across the globe. They are constantly updating their teaching methods to keep up with a rapidly-changing industry and ensure that students have the relevant knowledge they need to succeed.

Students at AITI also benefit from working one-on-one with a professional counselor and mentor who are committed to assisting them in achieving academic and professional success in both areas. Our counselors and mentors are all veterans who are eager to help students improve their lives for the better.

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Our Purpose

We're committed to bringing people together to take up space and engage culture so that we can shape our world for the better; using tech as the tool.

Bring people together

We want a brand that gives people a sense of belonging; being part of a community to learn, build and have positive impacts.

Take up space

We want everyone to express the ability within them to feel visible, use their voice, and feel like they belong in every room they’re in. Thus, creating a level playing ground for everyone.

Engage Culture

Through culture and people. We want to actively engage people so we can create what the world needs the most.

Shape our world

Shape here means, to determine the nature of our world, or to have a great influence on how it develops. We are poised to empower people that will push innovation further.

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